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We proudly offer you courses of Russian as a foreign language in ICS!

Our courses were designed for a mixed audience: not only for students, who living in Saint-Petersburg for a long period of time, but also for all foreigners who are interested in the Russian language and culture.

We have groups for different levels – from ТЭУ (А1, beginner) to ТРКИ-3(С1,advanced), intensive courses,1st and 2nd certificate level propaedeutic courses and also private lessons.

Our teachers are native speakers with the highest qualification, who use the most progressive teaching methods and best learning materials. Courses of Russian as a foreign language for proficiency or other purposes include the study of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, as well as working on all 4 types of  exam skills: listening, writing, reading and – especially - speaking.

The main mode of instruction is the communicative method, which helps students to improve their language skills and faster immersion into the language.

Our school also offers you (not included in cost):

  • Visa support and registration
  • Meeting at the airport (FREE if you pay for the full course)
  • Accommodation support (hotel, shared flats, hosting family etc)
  • Free guided tours

Get to know more about the famous Russian soul, open your own door into the fascinating world of one of the most multifarious cultures and literature in the world – begin learning Russian language at ICS!


group courses

Ac. hours per week

Price per ac.hour

Price per week


300 rub

6000 rub


250 rub

6250 rub



Ac. hours per week

Price per ac.hour

Price per week


750 rub

11250 rub


675 rub

13500 rub


600 rub

18000 rub


individual lessons

Ac. hours per week

Price per ac.hour

Price per week


1500 rub

22500 rub


1350 rub

27000 rub


1200 rub

36000 rub

For specific information and special requests phone +7 (812) 314-43-22 or e-mail Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

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